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What to Serve with Lamb Pie

Lamb pie is perhaps not an obvious choice for a savoury pie. Best-selling pies are typically steak pies and chicken pies. Pie lovers tend to know what they like, and like what they know! But Mud fans who’ve discovered our Lamb, Redcurrant and Rosemary Pie have been surprised at what they’ve found.

Our recipe for lamb pie

Christian worked and re-worked the recipe to make our lamb pie just right, using hand-cut quality lamb, not mince. Quarter moons of red onion are gently fried with garlic and rosemary until golden brown and crisp, which brings out their sweet, caramelised flavours. The lamb is quickly seared and the pan deglazed with plenty of red wine followed by our natural stock, a bit of seasoning, and a short simmer until the meat is cooked to perfection. This sweet and piquant sauce of red wine, rosemary and redcurrant, produces a deeply satisfying flavour, especially when encased in our buttery shortcrust pastry.

What goes well with lamb pie?

Deciding what to serve with your lamb pie is made easier by the choice of side dishes we offer, which all pair perfectly with Mud's award-winning range (we have everything from steak and chicken to vegan and vegetarian. As well as game and venison pies, when in season).

Pie and chips

This is the classic combo. Our beer-battered chips are our best-selling side dish and go like a hand into a glove with any one of our pies, lamb pie being no exception. These are chunky, triple-cooked chips with a lightly seasoned beer battered coating for a slightly crunchy texture, yet with their soft middles, they soak up the juices in the gravy beautifully.

Pie and mash

Not forgetting pie and mash! Our luxury buttery mashed potato is also a perfect match for lamb pie. It’s beautifully smooth and creamy and, for an extra touch of richness, serve with a generous spot of butter on top.

Alternative side dishes for pie

If you’re looking for something different to serve with your pie, our carrot and parsnip mash is a favourite with the kids (and adults!). Steamed to the point of perfect tenderness and mashed with pure butter, the bold flavours complement the lamb pie and make this an even more special meal.

Another unusual pairing would be our Southern Fried Potatoes, which are slices of potato covered in a tasty southern-style seasoning. Like all our side dishes, they are also easy to prepare, just pop them into the oven to crisp up and serve with your Lamb, Redcurrant and Rosemary Pie for a taste sensation!

Get your five a day

Green vegetables are always a great choice with pie. They add texture and flavour to your meal especially when cooked al dente, so they retain a bit of crunch.

Pies are a great option for busy evenings when you feel like a wholesome meal but don’t have time to prepare food from scratch. Greens tend to take only minutes to prepare, so they can be added at the last minute for a slightly lighter pie meal.

Vegetables which are great for steaming quickly are green beans and broccoli and, if you cook them like that, it’s a good way to preserve their nutrients. Peas are another classic pairing and very quick and easy.

Does lamb work well with pastry in a pie?

Lamb has a distinct, rich flavour that pairs beautifully with the delicate, buttery taste of shortcrust pastry. The slightly gamey notes of the lamb are enhanced by the pastry's mild, buttery undertones, resulting in a delightful balance of flavours.

In the UK, lamb pie originally gained popularity as a regional dish in areas with a strong sheep farming tradition, such as in Northern England, Scotland, and Wales. These regions had access to abundant supplies of lamb and so used it as a key ingredient in their pies. The lamb would be slow-cooked with vegetables and seasonings, then encased in pastry to create a hearty dish.

Different ways to cook lamb

Lamb offers a variety of cuts, each with its own characteristics and best cooking methods. Some popular cuts include the leg, shoulder, rack, loin chops and shanks.

Known for its tender texture, distinct flavour and versatility in various culinary traditions, lamb has a uniqueness that sets it apart from other meats. It has a robust and earthy taste, sometimes described as slightly gamey. The flavour varies depending on factors such as the animal's diet, age and breed. Young lamb is generally more tender and milder in flavour compared to older sheep.

As such, it’s a versatile meat and lends itself to a wide array of cooking methods. It can be roasted, grilled, braised, stewed or even ground for use in burgers or sausages. Lamb pairs well with various herbs and spices, allowing for creative seasoning options. Popular lamb dishes include roasted leg of lamb, lamb chops, lamb curry and shepherd's pie.

Where else in the world is lamb served

Lamb has a significant part in the culinary traditions in many regions worldwide. It is particularly prominent in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian cuisines. Examples include iconic Greek dishes like moussaka and souvlaki, Moroccan tagines and Indian curries. In these cultures, lamb has been consumed for centuries and often holds cultural and historical significance.

Try our Lamb, Redcurrant and Rosemary Pie today

Lamb, with its distinctive flavour and tenderness, continues to be a beloved meat choice for many foodie enthusiasts, whether enjoyed in traditional regional dishes or creatively incorporated into modern recipes, such as our Lamb, Redcurrant and Rosemary Pie.

Christian, Mud’s Chief Pie Maker, has brought together both tradition and modernity by combining the flavours of rosemary and redcurrant with lamb into a pie. Lamb and redcurrants have a long-standing tradition of being used together, as redcurrant jelly is often served alongside roast lamb as a classic accompaniment. The sweet-tartness of the jelly pairs beautifully with the succulent meat, creating a well-balanced flavour. Lamb and rosemary are also often paired together, as rosemary adds depth and a distinct, aromatic quality that complements the meat's flavour.

What Mud fans say

We think our lamb pie is delicious but don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our Mud enthusiasts had to say:

“The lamb pie was absolutely gorgeous! I have never tasted such quality in a pie. The lamb was so tender and the pastry just second to none. Well done and thank you!”

Deborah N, Woking, Surrey

“Without a shadow of a doubt, some of the nicest pies I’ve ever eaten – not stupidly priced and loaded with filling (although the pastry is amazing anyway!). The lamb was chunks of solid meat whereas plenty of other pies would use fatty cuts – absolutely amazing!”

Dan R, Dudley, West Midlands

“Had the lamb and redcurrant last night, massive chunks of tender lamb, superb flavours.”

Kim L, Widnes, Cheshire

“In the past I had tried a couple of lamb pies from different companies and had decided that lamb was not meant to go with pastry. However, I've just had the Mud Pies version and it was stupendous: no sign of the fatty chewy lamb but tender meat and delicious gravy. The only sad part is that I now have yet another favourite pie, it is going to be even more difficult to choose which to have for my next order.”

Margaret S, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Pop one in your basket and give it a try – you may soon join the ranks of our lamb pie devotees!

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