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Squiche™ (Square Quiche)

Red Onion Marmalade and Brie Squiche™


What do you call a Square Quiche? A Squiche!

Mud Foods’ take on a classic quiche - meet the Squiche™. We make handcrafted square quiches sure to delight any pie and quiche enthusiast. With a recipe known only to Christian, Mud Foods’ Chief Pie Maker, explore the taste of Mud Foods in a perfectly square package, made in the heart of the South Downs.

Your Favourite Handcrafted Square Quiches

Providing both veggie and meat options, our square quiches have been created with the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients, inspiring our beautifully rich flavours. From our delicious Squiche™ Lorraine to our Roasted Vegetables and Feta Cheese Squiche™, experience the finest ingredients encased in a decadent savoury custard of organic double cream, milk and free-range eggs topped with a crumbly, buttery pastry coating.

Why Choose Mud Foods for Your Square Quiches?

Who says you can’t improve on a classic? Our squiches are made with everyone in mind because when it comes to great taste, we dig deeper. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best options on the market, and it’s our goal to be your go-to for when you don’t feel like cooking but fancy wholesome, down to earth good food.

Hungry for more? Pair with Mud Food's tasty side dishes such as our buttery mash potato or our classic beer battered chips for a delicious, down to earth meal. Add a simple salad on the side and you are ready to enjoy the glorious taste of Mud Foods’ creations.

Our team at Mud Foods are our very own pie-oneers! With a devotion for handcrafting the finest square quiches, our team of piefectionists work hard in the kitchen so that you don’t have to! Rest assured, we’ve got you covered here at Mud Foods.

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