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Multi Award-Winning Steak Pie Delivery

At Mud Foods, we only choose quality and locally-sourced ingredients to create delicious steak pies made with an obsession for piefection. Each pie is encased in our luxury shortcrust pastry, which is delicately handcrafted and delightfully buttery - the recipe known only to Christian, Mud Foods’ Chief Pie Maker.

Explore our Range & Order a Steak Pie for Yourself

We pride ourselves on creating classic steak pies to order online at Mud Foods. Our steak pies make for the perfect dinner- there’s nothing better than a comforting pie to dig into.

With a full range of artisanal steak pies to order online, you can enjoy down to earth good food delivered to your door - try them for yourself! From classic steak and ale fillings to our zingy steak and stilton pie, there’s something for every steak pie lover at Mud Foods.

Why Choose Mud Foods for Steak Pie Delivery?

Christian, our Chief Pie Maker, created the recipes for our legendary shortcrust pastry and the tasty fillings in our multi award-winning range of steak pies for delivery. He is dedicated to bringing you the best steak pies to order and to be your go-to for when you don’t feel like cooking but want to tuck into a hand-prepared meal.

Our pies are great value for money as a generous portion for one or shared as a dinner for two, combined with Mud's scrumptious side dishes. Pair your steak pie with buttery mashed potatoes or our carrot and parsnip mash to really accentuate the bold flavours of our pies.

Each steak pie is carefully finished off by our bakers with a pastry motif (we call it pie-dentification), ready for you to enjoy the glorious taste of Mud Foods’ creations.

Our dedicated team at Mud Foods are our very own pie-oneers! With a passion for creating down to earth, heavenly steak pies, our team of piefectionists just love making our customers happy!

Shop and Order our Steak Pies Today!

Origin and History of Steak Pies

Steak pies originate from the United Kingdom and are considered a comfort food staple. Variations of the steak pie are present in the United Kingdom, and this delicious pie is so famous it has spread worldwide - with every country having their own variation of steak pies.

Overview of Steak Pie Varieties

Steak pies were initially made as a steak and kidney pie marinated in a mushroom gravy. More modern twists on this classic include using a red wine sauce or an ale to add liquid and flavour. There are several variations of the steak pie, such as:

  • Steak and kidney
  • Steak and ale
  • Beef and potato
  • Steak and stilton

Benefits of Eating Steak Pies

Eating steak pie offers a host of excellent taste and health benefits! Not only is the delicious flavour warm, rich and inviting, steak pie is a perfect enriched flavourful food to warm up your entire body in the winter.

Despite how wonderful steak pie tastes, this pie doesn't end at just offering wonderful flavours. Steak pie is a rich protein and iron source and can become a well-balanced nutritious meal alongside various sauces and vegetables.

How to Choose the Best Steak Pies

With steak pie being so delicious, you will want to ensure that you choose the best pies every time. Some of the main things to look out for when selecting a steak pie are as follows:

Quality of Ingredients

The base of any delicious food starts with the ingredients' quality. For example, steak pie made from traceable, high-quality meat and vegetables tastes better and offers a healthier alternative than processed steak pie.

Pastry Quality

After the pie filling has been confirmed, the pastry is a vital part of ensuring you choose the best steak pies every time. High-quality, well-made pastry is the key to making your steak pie superior! Look out for pastries that are even throughout and light in colour, which can help ensure your steak pie ends up with a smooth bottom after cooking!

How to Store Steak Pies

After purchasing your yummy steak pie, you will want to keep it as fresh as possible to retain that delicious flavour and get as long of life from your steak pie as possible! Generally, the best way to store a steak pie will depend on whether it is fresh or frozen:

Short-term Storage

Typically, steak pies that are bought fresh will be put into short-term storage. This generally means a refrigerator to keep both the pastry and the meat fresh. You can usually keep fresh steak pie for up to 5 days - but it is always advised to check the producer's instructions on the packaging.

Long-term Storage

Long-term storage of steak pies generally refers to frozen steak pies, which can either be both frozen or you can freeze-fresh steak pies. Frozen steak pies can sit in the freezer for up to 3 months, and the producer will always give instructions for the maximum freezing time for each pie.

Reheating Options

Reheating your steak pie is an easy fret, thankfully! There are various ways to reheat a steak pie, such as in the toaster, air fryer or microwave. However, one of the most popular and effective ways of reheating a steak pie is in the oven - cover the pie with some foil and place it in the oven for around 25 minutes or until it is warm through.

How to Serve Steak Pies

Steak pie is generally served as a lunch or dinner meal thanks to its rich flavours and fullness. Steak pie can be served entirely on its own or as part of a meal accompanied by chips, potatoes, vegetables, gravy or anything else you think would taste nice.

Our Favourite Pick

Mud Foods' array of steak pies gives everyone a delicious option to enjoy. Our personal favourite is their highly commended Steak and Kidney pie, which won awards at the British pie awards in 2021.

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