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Vegetarian Pies

Silver Winner British Pie Awards Winner 2022
Great Taste Award Winner 2017

Mushroom and Asparagus Pie



Multi Award-Winning Vegetarian Pies Delivered to Your Home

At Mud Foods, we only choose natural and locally-sourced ingredients to create classic pies made with an obsession for piefection. Each pie is encased in our luxury shortcrust pastry recipe, which is handcrafted and delightfully buttery - the recipe known only to Christian, Mud Foods’ Chief Pie Maker.

Explore our Range of Handcrafted Vegetarian Pies to Buy

We pride ourselves on creating supremely tasting vegetarian pies to buy at Mud Foods that would absolutely delight anyone choosing a meat free option. With a full range of artisanal vegetarian pies to buy online, you can enjoy down to earth good food delivered to your door. - try them for yourself! From classic cheese and onion fillings to creamy mushroom and asparagus flavours, there’s something for every veggie at Mud Foods.

Why Choose Mud Foods to Get Your Vegetarian Pies Delivered?

Christian, our Chief Pie Maker, created the recipes for our legendary shortcrust pastry and the scrumptious fillings in our multi award-winning range of vegetarian pies to order. We are dedicated to bringing you the best options in the market and to be your go-to for when you don’t feel like cooking but fancy down to earth good food.

Our pies are great value for money as a large portion for one or shared as a dinner for two, paired with Mud's delicious side dishes. Each vegetarian pie is carefully finished off by our bakers with a pastry motif (we call it pie-dentification), ready for you to enjoy the glorious taste of Mud Foods’ creations.

Our team at Mud Foods are our very own Pie-oneers! With a devotion for crafting down to earth, tasty steak pies, our team of piefectionists just love making our pie-loving customers happy!

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Origin and History of Vegetarian Pies

Similar to its other pie counterparts, vegetarian pies also have origins in the United Kingdom, dating back to the 17th century. One of the first vegetarian pies from the UK was called 'homity pie' or 'Devon pie' and was a type of open vegetable mix pie, usually containing potatoes, leeks and spices.

Overview of Vegetarian Pie Varieties

Vegetarian pies are an incredibly versatile type of pie, often containing mixes and blends of gorgeous vegetables, spices and sauces. Below is a list of some popular vegetarian pie varieties:

  • Cheese and onion pie
  • Vegetable and feta quiche
  • Mushroom pie
  • Vegetarian shepherds pie

Benefits of Eating Vegetarian Pies

Eating vegetarian pies offer a different range of benefits than meat pies. Vegetarian pies tend to have an additional nutritional value, typically lower in protein and iron but packed with other nutrients like B group vitamins, zinc, calcium and more! Additionally, adding a seasonal vegetarian pie to your diet is an excellent way of adding more vegetables and variety to your diet - helping ensure you maintain a well-balanced diet.

How to Choose the Best Vegetarian Pies

Choosing the best vegetarian pies is essential if you want to get the best flavours from your pie and ensure that the pie's nutritional value is high. See below some of the easiest ways to distinguish the best vegetarian pies from the not-so-great ones!

Quality of Ingredients

One of the most essential and first steps that need to be taken when sourcing the best vegetarian pies is ensuring the ingredients are of high quality. Not only will this add to the delicious flavour, but higher quality ingredients are much better for your body and provide more nutrition.

Pastry Quality

In any pie, the pastry is going to be an essential element of the overall taste and appearance. Ensuring that the vegetarian pie you choose is made with a good-quality pastry that is ideal even will help ensure that your pie does not end up soggy at the bottom.

How to Store Vegetarian Pies

Thanks to the lack of fresh meat in a vegetarian pie, storing these pies tends to be easier and more versatile than their meat-based counterparts. However, similarly, storing vegetarian pies will depend on whether they are fresh or frozen upon purchase:

Short-term Storage

Short-term storage of vegetarian pies generally includes fresh pies you intend on eating in a couple of days. Most fresh vegetarian pies can be typically kept in the fridge for up to 5 days - but it is always advised to check the individual storage instructions left by the producer.

Long-term Storage

Storing vegetarian pies long-term would include storing frozen pies or if you want to freeze a fresh pies. Long-term storage includes placing the pie in the freezer for up to 6 months unless otherwise stated by the producer.

Reheating Options

Reheating frozen vegetarian pies is a super simple and convenient way to enjoy this pie every time! Whether you want to reheat the entire pie or just a slice, wrap it in some foil and place it in the oven for a few minutes or until it is cooked through. Alternatively, you can also reheat a vegetarian pie by placing it in the toaster, air fryer or grill.

How to Serve Vegetarian Pies

Vegetarian pie'a are incredibly versatile and, as such, can be served in a variety of ways. Some vegetarian pies are super light and work perfectly as a lunch or snack, whereas other vegetarian pies are packed full of hearty vegetables and work better as a dinner. Vegetarian pies have so much flavour they often work amazing as a standalone food, but they can also be dressed up with some salad, vegetables or a potato dish on the side.

Our Favourite Pick

The choice of vegetarian pies are Mud foods is overwhelming, with so many delicious flavours to choose from. However, our personal favourite is the mushroom and asparagus pie - which earned a gold award at the British pie awards in 2017.

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