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Introducing a highly exclusive offering, the Very Limited Edition Peppered Steak Pie. Crafted meticulously, this extraordinary pie features hand-cut, grass-fed, organic silverside steak sourced exclusively from the esteemed Goodwood Estate. It is artfully combined with a velvety brandy-infused sauce, accentuated by the rich flavors of cracked black peppercorns and enhanced with the indulgence of organic double cream. Undoubtedly, this creation stands as one of the most opulent pies ever produced by Mud Foods. With a production limited to a mere 350 units, once they are sold out, they will not be replenished.
"We look forward to these pies each year - very tasty (you can tell what's in the pie - each taste stands out). With or without the sprouts ! Roll on next Christmas."Alan J.

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Meet Christian, Chief Pie Maker

Founder of Mudfoods

Hello, I’m Christian, the founder and Chief Pie Maker of Mud Foods. I come from a long line of foodies and my passion for cooking started at a young age when I used to help my grandmother in the kitchen, experimenting with family recipes passed down from generations.

My expertise is in pastry, and I have a love for meat pies, vegetarian pies, and pretty much anything wrapped in pastry, but it must be butter, not margarine! At Mud Foods, my team and I work tirelessly to create innovative and delicious foods that our customers will love. We offer a wide range of products which cater to both the sweet and savoury palates – pies, squiches (that’s a square quiche!), gastro meals, side dishes and fruit pies.

We believe in using traditional methods and family recipes to maintain the authenticity of our flavours. Our focus is on using only the finest ingredients, many of which are sourced locally and therefore sustainably, ensuring the quality of what we make is never compromised. And I am proud to say that our pies have won numerous awards, 129 at the last count, for their supreme taste and quality.

At Mud Foods, we’re a family, and we treat our customers like family too. Our goal is to provide high quality, homemade foods that bring a touch of comfort to your table. I invite you to try our award-winning range of pies and squiches and taste the love and passion that goes into every bite.

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