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Cooking pies in an air fryer

Air fryers are all the rage at the moment, but what’s the fuss about? And are they really worth it? We find out. Read More

Game is in season and on the menu

Christian visits South Downs Venison and Game in Duncton to collect a batch of their fresh mixed game meat - venison, pheasant and partridge. Read More

Mud Foods wins Channel 4’s Aldi’s Next Big Thing!

Aldi's Next Big Thing is a cross between Dragon's Den and Bake Off, with the prize being the opportunity to sell your product on the shelves of national supermarket, Aldi. Find out how we got on 8pm 20th Oct Channel 4. Read More

NEW Hot Smoked Trout and Watercress Squiche

Have you tasted our new squiche? It’s delicious but be careful – you might get hooked! Read More

Meet Mud’s Local Egg Supplier

All the ingredients in our pies and squiches are eggs-ellent quality. Here’s a little insight into the life of our egg farmer. Read More

What to Serve with Quiche?

If you want to turn your Squiche™ into a full meal, find out our favourite side dishes to serve with your quiche. Read More

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