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Meet The Team


Meet the Team

When I first started making pies back in 2009, I could never have dreamed of the demand that would follow and the queues of customers appreciating the supreme quality that we have now become well-known for.

I couldn't do any of it without my amazingly dedicated team.

Welcome to the Pie-oneers!

At Mud, it's not just the quality of our ingredients and our unerring attention to detail that I believe creates our deliciously wholesome foods, it's also our small friendly team of Pie-fectionists, who all share my passion and obsession for making down to earth good food.

Team member Roo with pies
Team members Chris and Filipe

The first stage in creating your pies is Making the Pastry. Our pastry aficionados are Filipe and Chris, ordinarily covered in flour and looking like snowmen!

What makes our pastry luxury? It's the pure butter that Chris is cutting and that Filipe is adding to the mixer, plus the addition of local free-range eggs. Regardless of cost, it's got to be butter, not margarine. That's why our pastry tastes so great.

Viliam our Chef, heads up the second stage of preparation: Making the Pie Filling. He's responsible for maintaining the quality and consistency of each batch of pie filling; making sure the fillings are cooked to perfection and the flavours taste the same each and every time.

The whisk? That's just used for beating away anyone who tries to steal the recipe book!

Viliam the chef

The final stage in creating pie-fection is combining the pastry and fillings, which is responsible for the glorious smell that emanates from the bakery on a daily basis.

Stephanie (left) and Roo (above top) are very adept and skilful at this job. Their keen eyes and nimble fingers make pies in the blink of an eye, but quality is always their watchword.

Nik, our Team Leader, oversees the whole process. He looks after everyone and everything and I couldn't trust anyone more to uphold Mud's values and standards.

Nik is fastidious in making sure that the quality is always top notch and works really hard to ensure that each member of the team feels supported and appreciated.

Nik carrying pies
Heather and Colin

Within weeks of starting out, Heather and Colin (my mother and father-in-law) very quickly joined me and have been at Mud ever since. Although they've been involved with every aspect of pie making and selling over the years, these days they look after the packing and distribution.

Look how happy they are, despite working together, it must be because they have such a wonderful son-in-law - ahem.

Mike, Mud's Operations Manager (on the left) holds everything together. He is always the first to arrive and the last to leave, because he likes to make sure everything is just so.

Seen here with Damian, one of our two friendly drivers who, despite keeping within the speed limit, always seems to defy the odds of getting through the deliveries quicker than the Sat Nav thinks possible!

Mike and Damian delivering pies
Steve at the market stall

Steve, our other driver, has been with Mud for more years than he cares to remember. When it comes to pies, he knows a thing or two.

He started out working in the bakery, then gradually moved into driving and running our farmers' market stalls all around the local area. You can also see him at shows and events around the country. The customers love him!

Suzy is the creative wordsmith at Mud. Having had a successful career in TV, she now applies her wealth of experience and skills to our social media pages and newsletters and is adept at keeping things fun and interesting.

So confident am I in Suzy’s attention to detail that I’ll stake a case of pies to the first person who spots an error in our newsletters - I think the pies are safe!

Suzy at work
Bethan at a desk

And last, but by no means least, is Head of Helpfulness, Bethan, who will answer your phone calls and respond to your queries.

Over time, she has done pretty much every job in the bakery, so ring her up and test her knowledge.

Best of all, she likes hearing from satisfied customers.

So this is the Mud family - we have fun, we smile a lot, we work hard and we all love what we do. Nothing means more to us than receiving your generous feedback, because we are absolutely passionate about the quality of what we produce and about your satisfaction.

Each member of the team plays a vital role and I'm extremely proud of every single one of them.

Christians signature
Team photo

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