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Vegan Pies

Great Taste Award Winner 2017

Squash, Spinach and Feta Pie



Multi Award-Winning Vegan Pies to Buy

Crowned Britain’s Best Vegan Pie at the 2020 British Pie Awards, our vegan option is sure to delight any pie-loving enthusiast looking for meat-free and dairy-free piefection. With a recipe known only to Christian, Mud Foods’ Chief Pie Maker - try our award-winning vegan pie for yourself!

Your Favourite Handcrafted Vegan Pie Delivery

Offering you a pie packed full of mouth-watering ingredients to satisfy your cravings, Mud Foods’ Squash, Spinach, and Vegan Feta Cheese Pie provides you with the ultimate flavour combination. We have carefully hand selected top quality, locally-sourced ingredients to be transformed by our piefectionists into the only vegan pie delivery you will need. Plant-based shortening and pastry enriched with soya milk and umami give our vegan pie a greater depth of flavour with a perfected balance of crisp pastry and slight chewiness.

Why Choose Mud Foods for Vegan Pie Delivery?

At Mud Foods, we have dedicated ourselves to producing a recipe that creates the ultimate legendary shortcrust pastry encasing scrumptious plant-based fillings, forming the perfect vegan pie to buy. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best options in the market, and it’s our goal to be your go-to for when you don’t feel like cooking but fancy down to earth good food.

Enjoy as a generous portion for one or share as a dinner for two; our pies are great value for money. Fancy more? Pair with Mud Food's tasty side dishes, such as our classic beer battered chips, and you’ve got yourself a delicious, wholesome meal. Each vegan pie to buy is carefully finished off by our bakers with a pastry motif (we call it pie-dentification), ready for you to enjoy the glorious taste of Mud Foods’ creations.

Our team at Mud Foods are our very own pie-oneers! With a devotion for crafting down to earth, tasty vegan pies to buy, our team of piefectionists just love making our pie-loving customers happy!

Get Your Vegan Pie Delivery Today!

Overview of Vegan Pie Varieties

One of the best things about eating vegan pies is getting to enjoy the vast amount of vegan pie varieties and different flavours that are blended together to create exquisite flavours, such as:

  • Vegan shepherds pie
  • Squash, spinach and feta
  • Vegan 'cheese' and onion
  • Root vegetables, and many more.

Benefits of Eating Vegan Pies

The main benefit of eating any pie is, of course, the delicious taste. Vegan pies rely more heavily on seasoning and spices than traditional pies, creating a wonderful blend of flavours to delight your tastebuds.

Additionally, vegan pies tend to be packed full of plant-based protein sources like beans or lentils, as well as nutrient-rich vegetables and healthy spices, which can all contribute to a more nutritious, well-balanced diet.

How to Choose the Best Vegan Pies

Choosing the best vegan pies is the primary way to ensure you enjoy every single bite of your pie. The main things to look out for when selecting vegan pies are:

Quality of Ingredients

The quality of the ingredients the pie producer has used will seriously impact the pie's overall quality, appearance and taste. Choosing pies with locally sourced, fresh and traceable ingredients is a surefire way to guarantee delicious vegan pies every time.

Pastry Quality

Next on the list to look out for is the quality of the pastry used in the pie. Vegan pastry can be a little more challenging to get right, so it is especially important to pay attention to the pastry quality when choosing your vegan pie - and avoid saggy-bottomed pies!

How to Store Vegan Pies

The last thing you want when you have taken home your delicious vegan pie is to store it improperly and realise it has gone bad before enjoying it properly. So take a look at our guidelines for storing vegan pies:

Short-term Storage

In regards to short-term storage, this typically refers to fresh pies, which can be stored in the fridge for generally 5 to 7 days. However, checking the producer's short-term storage instructions for an exact storage time is always recommended.

Long-term Storage

Long-term storage of your vegan pie is generally done by freezing. Whether you have purchased a frozen vegan pie or intend on freezing a fresh vegan pie, long-term storage can typically be used for a couple of months. It is also advised to read the producer's exact freezing instructions to determine how long your vegan pie can be left in long-term storage.

Reheating Options

Everyone enjoys a steaming hot slice of pie, and thankfully vegan pies are also very easy to reheat. So if you want a good and easy way to reheat a fresh pie - pop it in the microwave or toaster to warm it up.

Reheating a frozen pie, however, is best done in the oven. You can cover the pie in foil and place it in the oven until it is warmed right through, generally around 20 minutes. 

How to Serve Vegan Pies

Vegan pie, like other pies, is an incredibly versatile dish. Lighter-filled vegan pies make excellent snacks or light lunches, and vegan pies with a heavier filling make a superb dinner dish. Vegan pies offer plenty of flavours and work perfectly as a stand-alone dish; however, you can also add your favourite sides to spice it up.

Our Favourite Pick

Regarding our favourite vegan pie pick, the squash, spinach and feta vegan pie by Mud Foods is our top choice. This pie also boasts a class champion award from the British pie awards 2020.

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