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Squash, Spinach and Vegan Feta Pie

4.69 / 36 reviews

Our Squash, Spinach and vegan Feta Cheese Pie has been crowned Britain’s Best Vegan Pie at the 2020 British Pie Awards. Why not try for yourself?

We add our sweet and mild chilli and tomato sauce to gently seared Mediterranean vegetables, creating a fantastic flavour with an impressive texture. Our vegan pastry is enriched with Umami and soya milk, giving the pie our signature flaky finish.


Squash, Spinach and Vegan Feta Pie
Squash, Spinach and Vegan Feta Pie
Squash, Spinach and Vegan Feta Pie

Pairs beautifully with...

Blueberry Pie (Serves 2)


Squash, Spinach and Vegan Feta Pie Customer Reviews

4.69 / 36 reviews

kevin r.

The vegetarian pies are brilliant and highly recommended. From a vegetarian

Alec D.

My wife absolutely adored this one . 10 10 .

Diane B.

Vegan pie best ever as we’re all the pies, steak and kidney my favourite, chip shop curry my son x27 s favourite, steak and ale my husband favourite, will be ordering again soon also ordering some for my dad for his birthday

Barbara B.

We just love, love your pies. My husband who has never wanted to eat pies mainly due to the pastry, really likes your pies. I buy in bulk so that there is always a pie available. Thank you

Paul H.

One of my wife’s favourite pies.

Alan E.

I’m not a vegan myself but I wanted to try this out before serving it to guests. It was fantastic, particularly the pastry which I didn’t expect to enjoy. Every pie I’ve tried from Mud has been delicious, and now we can add this one to the list of must order again soon’ pies

John O.

Very tasty. Pastry texture, perfect.

Pamela N.

I always purchase a couple of these pies with my order because they are so delicious. One can really taste all the individual ingredients. We are not vegetarians but enjoy a non meat meal once a week. My husband when eating the pie even forgets it’s veggie and throughly enjoys the taste.

Susan C.

Gorgeous pie

Jon M.

I’m not a vegan or vegetarian but this pie is a really tasty pie and makes a nice alternative to a meat pie would definitely recommend.

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