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Chicken Pies

Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie (270g)


Multi Award-Winning Chicken Pie Delivery

Discover one of Britain’s most highly award-winning, handcrafted chicken pies for delivery from Mud Foods. We pride ourselves on using only locally sourced, quality ingredients so our customers receive the very best, leaving you wanting more. Each chicken pie is carefully encased in our luxury buttery shortcrust pastry – the recipe known only to Christian, Mud Foods’ Chief Pie Maker.

Explore our Range of Handcrafted Chicken Pies for Delivery

We’re proud in knowing that we create the most delicious chicken pies that make for the perfect meal. Don’t just take our word for it though, our reviews speak for themselves. With a full range of comforting chicken pies to order online, you can enjoy down to earth good food delivered right to your door - we’re sure you won’t regret your order! From classic chicken, ham and leek fillings to our hearty chicken and mushroom pie, there’s something for every chicken pie-lover at Mud Foods. Fancy something different? Why not try our highly requested chip shop chicken curry pie? The merge of two British food staples works deliciously well, making for an indulgent treat that has a tangy twist.

Why Choose Mud Foods to Buy Chicken Pies?

Made with love and years of experience, our chicken pies aren’t like anything you’ve tasted before. As well as creating the most legendary shortcrust pastry, our Chief Pie Maker Christian and his team love brainstorming for the next multi-award-winning chicken pie for you to enjoy. We are dedicated to bringing you the best chicken pies for delivery in the market, and to be your go-to for when you simply don’t feel like cooking. Our pies are perfect on their own or why not make it a feast and team up our chicken pie with a delicious side dish from Mud Foods. Choose from our buttery mashed potato, beer-battered chips, or our carrot and parsnip mash - drizzle over with some gravy and you’ve got yourself the perfect dinner. Our bakers carefully finish off each pie with a pastry motif (we call it pie-dentification), ready for you to enjoy the glorious taste of Mud Foods’ chicken pies. Our team at Mud Foods are our very own pie-oneers! With a passion for creating down-to-earth, heavenly pies, our team of piefectionists just love making our customers smile!

Order Our Chicken Pies for Delivery Today!

Origin and History of Chicken Pies

The origin of chicken pies, similar to its other counterparts, stems from the United Kingdom, dating back to the Renaissance. However, unlike other pies, chicken pies may actually date back to the Ancient Egyptians - thanks to carvings on a tablet that were found and dated back 2000 years old!

Overview of Chicken Pie Varieties

Delicious pies come in all shapes, sizes and flavours - and the chicken pie is no different. Chicken as the base, there are various ingredients, flavours and sauces that can be added to the chicken pie, such as:

  • Chicken and bacon
  • Chicken, leek and ham
  • Chicken and mushroom
  • Chicken curry, and much more!

Benefits of Eating Chicken Pies

Chicken pies can provide significant benefits, whether for their excellent taste, convenience or nutritional value - chicken pies offer a well-rounded meal every time. Packed full of protein, iron and other essential nutrients, full of flavour and quick and easy to heat up every time, eating chicken pies provides an excellent way to ensure you get simple goodness in every bite.

How to Choose the Best Chicken Pies

The key to ensuring you enjoy every bite of your chicken pie is in the selection of the pie itself. Therefore, it is critical to choose the best chicken pies every time, which provide fantastic flavour and plenty of nutrients from your pie, by looking at the quality of ingredients and pastry quality: 

Quality of Ingredients

Choosing a chicken pie that is made with high-quality, traceable ingredients is a vital part of selecting the best chicken pies. Local butchers or chicken that is easily traced is a great way to ensure that the ingredients are of good quality and will offer plenty of flavours and nutritional value.

Pastry Quality

Often overlooked, the quality of the pastry used in the chicken pie plays a massive role in the overall taste and appearance. Low-quality pastry that has not been made correctly can often result in a soggy pie bottom or uncooked pastry throughout the pie.

How to Store Chicken Pies

Proper storage of your chicken pies is essential for keeping them fresh and ensuring you get the most out of every pie. However, the best way to store your chicken pie will largely depend on whether it is fresh or frozen and when you intend to eat it!

Short-term Storage

Similarly to other pies, chicken pies are typically put into short-term storage when they are bought fresh and intended to be eaten soon. Chicken pies can generally stage in the fridge for up to 4 days, but it is always advised to follow the producer's instructions.

Long-term Storage

Long-term storage refers to freezing, whether that be a chicken pie that is bought frozen or a fresh pie you are freezing. Long-term storage is generally used to extend the life of the pie and can be used for up to 3 months.

Reheating Options

Reheating your chicken pie is super simple! If it is frozen, it will need to be defrosted and is generally best placed inside the oven and covered with foil. Fresh pie can be microwaved or toasted to reheat it!

How to Serve Chicken Pies

Chicken pies would are generally favoured as a lunch or dinner meal. However, thanks to their rich flavour and nutritional value, chicken pies can be enjoyed as a well-balanced meal entirely on their own. Alternatively, you can pair chicken pies with potato chips, vegetables, potatoes - or any other side you like!

Our Favourite Pick

Mud Foods offers the best selection of chicken pies, with a pie for everyone! Our personal favourite and a popular customer choice is the chicken, ham and leek pie which also boasts a silver award from the British pie awards 2021.

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