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Gluten-Free Pies

Beer Battered Chips

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Delicious Gluten-Free Pies

Gluten-free shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be a compromise on taste. At Mud Foods, we ensure that our gluten-free pies are made to pie-fection when it comes to texture, taste and quality. We have worked tirelessly to create the ultimate gluten-free pies without costing our award-winning flavours.

With a recipe known only to Christian, Mud Foods’ Chief Pie Maker, we have worked hard to pie-fect our gluten-free pies to closely emulate our traditional pastry and fillings as much as possible. Don’t just take our word for it though, try our scrumptious gluten-free pies for yourself!

Explore our Full Range of Gluten-Free Pies

Discover our full range of gluten-free pies and side dishes packed full of mouth-watering, locally sourced ingredients to satisfy your every craving. From one of our top-selling classics the Gluten-Free Steak and Ale Pie to our addictive Gluten-Free Chip Shop Chicken Curry Pie, we have carefully crafted the finest flavour combinations encased in our legendary, and you’ve guessed it, gluten-free pastry that will allow you to experience the glorious taste of Mud Foods’ creations.

Why Choose Mud Foods for your Gluten-Free Pie Delivery?

At Mud Foods we are dedicated to bringing you the perfect pies that will become your go-to favourites for when you fancy down to earth good food but don’t feel like cooking.

Enjoy our sumptuous gluten-free pies as a generous portion for one or share between two and pair with our tasty gluten-free side dishes such as our Beer Battered Chips or Buttery Mashed Potato for the ultimate experience.

Our dedicated team at Mud Foods are our very own pie-oneers! With a passion for producing delicious, wholesome food and a devotion to bringing the best on the market, our team of pie-enthusiasts just love making our customers happy.

Buy Your Gluten-Free Pies Today!

Origin and History of Gluten-free Pies

Like vegan pies, gluten-free pies are a newer yet prevalent pie worldwide. More people are choosing to go on gluten-free diets or developing gluten intolerances or allergies, and the rise of gluten-free versions of people-loved foods is a booming market.

Overview of Gluten-free Pie Varieties

One of the most significant benefits of gluten-free pies is the beautiful variety. Additionally, the pastry is generally the only thing that needs to be substituted for a gluten-free version, which means you can usually enjoy all of your favourite pie varieties- even on a gluten-free diet:

  • Cheese and onion pie
  • Chicken curry pie
  • Steak and kidney
  • Chicken, ham and leek
  • Steak and ale

Benefits of Eating Gluten-free Pies

Eating gluten-free pies provide all of the delicious flavours associated with regular pies while being gluten-free. However, the most significant benefit to eating gluten-free pies is that everyone can enjoy them- even those who cannot eat gluten!

How to Choose the Best Gluten-free Pies

Choosing the proper gluten-free pie is vital for ensuring you enjoy every bite of this pie. Below is a list of some of the key components to watch out for when choosing pies to help ensure you get the best gluten-free pies every time!

Quality of Ingredients

Whatever type of pie filling your gluten-free pie has, you will want to ensure your pie is made with high-quality ingredients. Choosing pies that have locally sourced, traceable ingredients such as meat and vegetables is one great way to ensure that the ingredients used are of high quality.

Pastry Quality

Similarly to vegan pastry, making gluten-free pastry leaves room for error. To truly enjoy your gluten-free pie, you must find a provider who creates delicious gluten-free pastry that is not too dry and cooks through perfectly every time.

How to Store Gluten-free Pies

Storing gluten-free pies is critical for ensuring you can get the maximum life out of your pie and ensuring your pie stays fresh. How your pie will be stored will largely depend on the contents of the pie filling and whether the pie is fresh or frozen upon purchase.

Short-term Storage

Short-term storage for gluten-free pies is generally used for pastries purchased fresh or containing fresh meat. These pies can usually be stored in a fridge for 3 to 5 days. It is best to check the individual storage instructions from the producer on the packaging.

Long-term Storage

Long-term storage of gluten-free pies is typically used for either frozen pies or fresh pies that you wish to freeze. Depending on the type of filling and whether it contains meat, frozen pies can be stored long-term in a freezer for 3 - 6 months, sometimes longer. Similarly to fresh gluten-free pies, always check the storage instructions from the producer before leaving a gluten-free pie in long-term storage.

Reheating Options

Reheating a gluten-free pie is super simple and convenient and allows you to enjoy your delicious pie whenever you want! Generally, frozen gluten-free pies may need to be defrosted; however, some can be reheated directly from frozen.

There are various ways to reheat a gluten-free pie, such as the toaster and microwave, but the oven is generally favoured. Wrap it in foil and cook until it is heated right through.

How to Serve Gluten-free Pies

The best way to serve gluten-free pies will depend on the pie type. Some gluten-free pies have a lighter filling and work excellently as a lunch or snack, and heavier pies make a great dinner piece. Sweet pies are also available with a gluten-free base and are best served as a dessert.

What is Gluten-free?

Gluten is a mixture of proteins that are generally found in wheat based foods. Many people have sensitivities to this protein and as such, gluten-free means excluding this protein from foods. 

Our Favourite Pick

Mud food has an excellent array of gluten-free pies for you to choose from, so there is definitely a flavour for everybody. However, our personal favourite pick is the gluten-free chicken, ham and leek pie which earned itself a bronze award at the British pie awards.

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