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What to Serve with Quiche?

If you’re in need of a square meal then look no further than a Mud squiche. Squiche = square quiche!

Quiches are enjoyed worldwide and have been since the 14th century. Our take on the quiche is the squiche - a square quiche crafted with our signature buttery, crumbly pastry and packed with a mouth-watering savoury custard made with organic double cream, milk and free-range eggs. We are proud to offer a huge range of richly flavoured squiches created with top quality ingredients to suit every palate and preference.

Quiche is a traditional French dish and Quiche Lorraine (or, as we call it, Squiche Lorraine) is the most well-known variety and includes cream, eggs and lardons. In British versions, you often find the addition of cheddar cheese, and the lardons are exchanged for bacon.

Should I eat quiche hot or cold?

There's no right or wrong answer to this question, as quiches are great served hot or cold.

Cold, they can make a fantastic light lunch on the go, are a popular dish at any buffet table and perfect for picnics.

However, while there is no denying a quiche, or a squiche, can be gobbled down at any time of day as a snack, if you want to serve it as a main meal or dress it up a little, then it's absolutely delicious warmed through and accompanied by a favourite side dish.

The perfect side dishes to serve with a quiche:

Quiche and Mashed Potato

Mix things up with creamy mash! Mashed potato is a perfect pairing for quiche and will elevate your meal to something truly out of this world! We think a luxury, buttery mash goes alongside any flavour of quiche. The smooth texture and the slightly salted buttery flavour is a match made in heaven when eaten with the creamy filling and crumbly texture of a quiche or squiche - why not enjoy one today?

Quiche and Carrot and Parsnip Mash

For a nutrient-dense side that also tastes great, look no further than our carrot and parsnip mash. The sweet, earthy goodness of these root vegetables is a great alternative to mashed potatoes if you are looking to add some more veggies to your meal without compromising on flavour.

Quiche and Chips

Let's face it, you can't really go wrong with a side of chips - it's the perfect side dish - and it's no surprise that they go so well with a tasty quiche too. At Mud Foods, we're delighted to offer our spectacularly tasty beer-battered chips which are perfectly crisp on the outside, with a soft, fluffy middle - just as every good chip can be.

Quiche and Southern Fried Potatoes

If you fancy something a bit different, why not opt for our southern fried potatoes, which will add a zing to your hearty meal, with their tasty southern-style seasoning!

Quiche and Salad

On sunny days, or warm evenings, or indeed anytime of the year when you fancy something a bit lighter, you can't beat a delicious quiche and salad. The choice depends on personal preferences and the specific flavours of the quiche. However, here are a few types of salads that generally complement quiche.

  1. Mixed Green Salad. A simple mixed green salad with a variety of lettuce leaves, such as romaine, arugula, or spinach, provides a fresh and neutral base that pairs well with any type of quiche. You can enhance the salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and a light vinaigrette dressing to add brightness and crunch.

  2. Caprese Salad. Caprese salad, featuring ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves, is a classic choice that complements quiches by adding a taste of the Mediterranean. The combination of juicy tomatoes, creamy cheese, and fragrant basil gives a burst of freshness to the meal.

  3. Greek Salad. This typically includes crisp lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, olives and feta cheese, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. Again, the flavours of the Greek salad add a touch of the Mediterranean to your meal!

  4. Roasted Vegetable Salad. Roast a variety of vegetables like red, green and yellow peppers, along with courgettes, red onions and carrots, then toss them with mixed greens, a tangy dressing, and some toasted nuts or seeds for added crunch, and you'll have a delicious and substantial side salad.

  5. Fresh Fruit Salad. If you're looking for a really unusual idea, for a contrasting and refreshing option, consider pairing your quiche with a fruit salad. A mix of seasonal fruits like berries, melons, grapes and citrus segments adds a touch of sweetness and juiciness to balance the savoury taste of the quiche. You can even incorporate some fresh herbs like mint or basil for an extra layer of flavour.

What makes Mud's squiches so good?

People frequently ask Christian what makes his squiches so tasty. “When I’m stood at the farmers’ market, I often get asked that question,” he says, “and I explain it’s because we use really only the best, natural ingredients that we can find - butter not margarine, organic non-homogenised milk and double cream, which is so thick it’s more like custard, and free range eggs from the South Downs. It’s not about price, that’s not where we start. It’s about quality.”

We think our squiches are pretty special – not only because they contain the best quality ingredients, but also because you tell us so! Here’s what some of our valued customers have said:

“Possibly two of the best quiches I’ve ever eaten, huge chunks of cheese in one, big chunks of bacon in the Lorraine, light, crumbly pastry, just the right size - very impressed. I’m a chef by trade, I can’t make quiche this good. I wish you every success.”

Marc W, Badby, Northants

“I was so excited when my order of squiches arrived this morning!! The packaging kept them perfectly chilled 😊 I couldn't resist trying the Squiche Lorraine, fabulously crumbly pastry and the filling was PERFECT, it was love at every bite 💖😋. I look forward to trying the other 2 flavours, nom nom 😛.”

Michelle K, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire

“Got my delivery yesterday, so well packaged and fresh, had the Squiche Lorraine with salad for tea - absolutely lovely.”

Jean S, Skelmersdale, West Lancashire

Pick your handcrafted square quiches today!

Our squiches are designed for one person but are so sumptuous and filling, that one can be shared by two.

We are delighted to offer both veggie and meat varieties of quiche - and every ingredient has been carefully chosen to provide some sensational flavour combinations. Choose from our delicious Squiche™ Lorraine, Roasted Vegetables and Feta Cheese Squiche™, Hot Smoked Trout and Watercress Squiche or our melt in your mouth Red Onion Marmalade and Brie Squiche™. Plus we make limited editions from time to time, such as our Roasted Vegetable and Chorizo Melt. Whatever you go for, you won't be disappointed!

So what will you serve alongside your quiche?

With all these fabulous side dishes to choose from, you'll have loads of options next time you fancy a quiche for dinner! Our fantastic range of side dishes has been thoughtfully chosen to perfectly complement our squiches and pies. So why not browse our delicious sides today?

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