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Enjoy more of the Euros 2024 with Award-Winning Pies from Mud Foods

The UEFA Euros 2024 are now well under way, so what better way to enjoy the matches than with Mud Foods' award-winning (game) pies? Our pies are the perfect treat for non-football fans who need a bit of encouragement to be there, as well as those who adore the beautiful game. 

Whether you're hosting a gathering or enjoying a cosy night in front of the TV, here's how to make the most of Mud Foods' delicious pies during Euro 2024. From savoury classics to something sweet, our pies are handmade to perfection, using the finest ingredients and traditional recipes.

Join us as we show you how you can turn every match into a memorable occasion with Mud Foods' pies, especially if you order one of our ready made pie box combinations.

Line Up Your Match Day Food

Enhance the Euro 2024 experience by including our pies into your match day spread. Feeling Hungary? Our savoury Steak and Ale Pie, filled with tender cuts of steak in a rich gravy is not dissimilar to goulash. Ok, so that link is a bit tenuous, but you get the drift! Fans of France will be right at home with our Squiche Lorraine too! Our slightly sweet and spicy Pulled Pork in Sticky Barbecue Sauce is reminiscent of Creole flavours that have influenced meals across Europe, but if you’re watching the England game, the choice is endless! Our Chip Shop Chicken Curry Pie may be right up your street, but so is our Scrumpy, Cheese and Onion pie.

Each pie will have your guests cheering for more. Don’t forget you can make life easier by adding sides like Beer Battered Chips from our selection too. Craft beers or crisp chilled wines will complement the rich flavours beautifully. And from the 1st July, you can indulge in our amazing new Spanish-inspired Chicken and Chorizo pie! Watch this space for details!

Versatility for All

Whether you have a pie as a main dish, or a Scotch Egg as a hearty snack during halftime, Mud Foods' pies offer versatility that suits any occasion. Their convenient size and easy preparation make them ideal for sharing with friends or enjoying solo. Simply pop them in the air fryer or oven and wait for the freshly baked butter pastry and flavoursome fillings to reach the perfect temperature.

A ‘Sweet Finish’

No football party is complete without a ‘sweet, sweet finish’. Who doesn’t think of hosts Germany when you think of Black Cherry Pie? Treat yourself and your friends to Mud Foods' award-winning sweet pies like the classic Apple Pie, with a Cheddar Cheese crust. Made with care and expertise, these desserts provide the perfect balance of flavours to round off your Euro 2024 celebrations on a delightful note.

Make Euro 2024 a memorable event with award-winning pies that promise to improve your football viewing experience. Whether you're cheering for your favourite team or enjoying the camaraderie of friends and family, our pies are crafted to deliver quality and flavour with every bite. Visit our collection page to explore our full range of pies and discover why we're the perfect choice for your Euro 2024 festivities. Buy pies online today with Mud Foods.

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