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What to serve with Apricot Pie

Mud has quite recently started making fruit pies and they are available to buy in our online pie shop. There are 4 to choose from - Apple and Blackberry Pie, Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese Crust, Black Cherry Pie and, the subject of this blog, Apricot Pie.

Here's what Mud pie enthusiast Lesley B from Dukinfield, Cheshire had to say about it:

“Wow, just finished the apricot pie! An amazing experience with double cream!”

Delicious apricots

Apricots are in the same family as cherries, plums and peaches. They’re known for their sweet and slightly tangy flavour. The natural sugars in the fruit provide a delightful sweetness, while the tartness adds a refreshing and lively note. The balance between sweetness and acidity is part of the joy of apricots.

Apricots and pastry – the perfect combination

Our Apricot Pie combines the natural sweetness of apricots with the buttery, crumbly texture of a classic shortcrust butter-rich pastry, which creates a soft and sticky, mouth-watering treat.

The choice of shortcrust pastry as the base for this pie is perfect as it provides a sturdy and slightly crumbly texture that complements the tender apricots. Their natural sweetness intensifies when baked, creating a delicious contrast with the buttery pastry.

What goes with Apricot Pie? Our top 5 ways to serve it:

Apricot pie

Apricot Pie with Custard

Serving custard with a hot fruit pie is a classic and delightful combination that adds a luscious and creamy element to the pie. Custard, with its smooth and velvety texture, is complementary to the pie, adding richness and indulgence to each bite. Custard can be served in different ways with your apricot pie. Some people prefer pouring the custard over the pie, allowing it to seep into the pastry and mingle with the fruit filling, others prefer dipping each forkful of pie into a small bowl of custard by the side.

Apricot Pie with Fresh Cream

Fresh cream, whether single or double, can be a delicious and traditional way to enhance the flavours and texture of the apricots. Remember that cream should not be added to a hot fruit pie straight from the oven, as it can curdle and separate. Instead, allow the pie to cool slightly before adding the cream. Alternatively, serve the cream on the side to allow guests to add it themselves. Another variation on this theme would be whipped cream, to add a bit more texture.

Apricot Pie with Ice Cream

Serving ice cream with a hot fruit pie is a classic and beloved combination that offers a delightful contrast in temperature, textures and flavours. The warm pie creates a feeling of comfort, while the cold ice cream provides a refreshing and cooling sensation. The interplay between the hot and cold temperatures makes for a satisfying experience. And, as the warm pie starts to melt the ice cream, it develops into a luscious sauce that tastes more like cream, than ice cream.

Apricot Pie with Crème Fraiche

Serving your pie with crème fraîche is a delicious alternative to traditional accompaniments. Crème fraîche is a cultured cream with a slightly tangy and rich flavour. Its slightly tart taste adds a delightful contrast to the sweetness of the apricot pie filling. The creamy and velvety texture of crème fraîche provides a smooth and luxurious element to the experience.

Crème fraîche has a slightly lower fat content and a more delicate texture, allowing the flavour of the apricot to shine through without overpowering it. The combination of the crème fraîche's acidity with the fruit's natural sweetness creates a harmonious and well-rounded taste.

Crème fraîche can be served in various ways - it can be spooned directly onto the pie, dolloped on top, or served in a small bowl on the side for individual spoonfuls. However it is presented, crème fraiche adds a touch of sophistication and a creamy tang to every bite.

Apricot Pie on its own!

Serving a hot fruit pie on its own, without cream or custard, allows the flavours and textures of the pie to take centre stage. The warmth of the pie intensifies the sweetness and brings out the vibrant taste of the fruit filling. Each bite becomes a celebration of the fruity goodness, with no distractions from other flavours.

A hot apricot pie is no exception. On its own, the contrasting textures within the pie are highlighted. The tender and juicy sticky apricot filling combines with the flaky and crisp pastry crust to provide a satisfying experience. This allows you to fully appreciate the balance between the softness of the fruit and the slight crunch of the crust.

Serving a hot apricot pie without any accompaniments gives a sense of simplicity and nostalgia. It harks back to traditional homemade pies enjoyed for generations, with nothing added. Wonderfully comforting!

What goes best with Apricot Pie?

There are so many ways of serving your Apricot Pie – what’s best for you comes down to personal preference. While cream, custard or other accompaniments can enhance the experience of a hot fruit pie, creating a feeling of luxury and indulgence, serving it on its own allows you to appreciate the pie in its simplest and most authentic form. The focus remains on the delicious fruit filling and the pastry, offering a satisfying and classic pudding experience.

And, of course, our fruit pies can be eaten cold as well as hot. The choice is yours!

Discover Our Range of Deliciously Fruity Pies to Buy Online

Our Apricot Pies are typically delivered within 4 working days of ordering across the majority of mainland UK postcodes. All our fruit pies have a 6 day chilled shelf life or 6 months when frozen, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your delicious pies. Buy your Apricot Pie today!

Blackberry apple pie open with cream

Our fruit pies can be enjoyed as a generous portion for one or shared between two. Choose between Apple and Blackberry Pie, Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese Crust, Black Cherry Pie and Apricot Pie.

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