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Is your Bank Holiday missing Squiches?

Bank holidays are a quintessential part of British culture, offering a 3-day break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And what better way to celebrate than with a picnic in the great outdoors? Picnics are increasing in popularity!

Planning the perfect picnic can be daunting – from deciding what to pack to ensuring everything stays fresh and delicious. That's where Mud Foods comes in to save the day with our irresistible Squiches and Scotch Eggs, the ultimate picnic companions. If you’d like to buy today, please click here for a list of our stockists. Alternatively, you can order online.

Squiches: The Perfect Picnic Treat

Biting into a flaky, buttery pastry filled with a delicious combination of savoury flavours is the joy of Mud Foods' Squiches. They are a twist on the classic quiche, offering all the taste and satisfaction of a traditional pie in a convenient, portable format.

Why Squiches are Ideal for Picnics

  1. Portability: Squiches are the epitome of convenience, making them perfect for picnics on the go. Their compact size and sturdy pastry shell mean you can enjoy them anywhere, from the park, to the beach or at a pit-stop on a long journey.
  2. No Mess, No Fuss: Forget about lugging around bulky containers and utensils – Squiches are mess-free and easy to eat with your hands. Simply unwrap to savour the deliciousness!
  3. Versatile Flavours: Whether you're a meat lover, a vegetarian, or somewhere in between, there's a Squiche for everyone. From classic combinations like bacon and cheese (Squiche Lorraine), to our newer Hot Smoked Trout and Watercress, or our popular vegetarian options like Roasted Vegetable and Feta, Mud Foods offers a variety of flavours to tantalise your taste buds.
  4. Perfect Temperature: Unlike sandwiches or salads that can go soggy or wilt in the sun, Squiches maintain their freshness and flavour better.
  5. Satisfying and Filling: Squiches are surprisingly filling, thanks to their generous ingredients and buttery pastry. They're the perfect way to satisfy hunger pangs during a day of outdoor adventures.

Why Choose Squiches for Your Picnic

At Mud Foods, we take pride in creating delicious, high-quality products that are perfect for any occasion – including picnics. Here's why we think you should choose Squiches (and maybe our Scotch Eggs) for your next picnic:

  1. Fresh Ingredients: We use only the finest ingredients in our Squiches, from suppliers that are as local to us as possible, ensuring superior taste and quality in every bite.
  2. Handmade with Love: Each Squiche is lovingly handmade by our team of experts, guaranteeing consistency and perfection in every pastry shell.
  3. Convenient Ordering: Ordering your picnic Squiches is quick and easy. Simply visit our website, choose your favourite flavours, and they’ll be delivered to your door.
  4. Variety of Flavours: Mud Foods offers a wide range of Squiche flavours to suit every preference.

Portable, flavourful, and oh-so-satisfying, Squiches are the perfect addition to any outdoor occasion. So, gather your friends and family, pack your picnic basket and get ready to enjoy a day of sunshine (we hope!), laughter and, of course, Squiches. Please go to our website to place your delicious order.

Cheers to good food and great company – happy picnicking!

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