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Focus on: Mud Foods' Hot Smoked Trout and Watercress Squiche

You won’t be surprised to hear us say that few things are as satisfying as a perfectly crafted pie.

But, some people forget about the humble pie during the warmer months, so here we invite you to indulge in an alternative summery masterpiece – our Hot Smoked Trout and Watercress Squiche. It’s wonderful cold, but even better when warmed!

The Perfect Fusion of Flavours

At the heart of this Squiche lies a harmonious fusion of two distinct, yet complementary, ingredients: hot smoked trout and watercress. This dynamic duo creates a blend of exquisite flavours that is hard to forget.

Hot Smoked Trout: A Taste of Luxury

First, let's talk about the star of the show – hot smoked trout. Renowned for its delicate texture and rich, smoky flavour, it epitomises luxury. Our hot smoked trout is carefully cured by the owner of Chalk Stream Trout, Hugo Hardman. This rainbow trout is from the shallow chalk stream waters of the River Test, which is famous for its clear sparkling waters and wonderfully nutritious fish. Hugo’s team hand-select the finest trout fillets, which he then smokes to perfection, imparting a depth of flavour that is simply unparalleled.

Watercress from Alresford: A Touch of Elegance

What truly sets our Hot Smoked Trout and Watercress Squiche apart is the addition of fresh watercress from Alresford. Alresford is famous for its watercress; it even has a Watercress Festival! Nestled in the heart of Hampshire, Alresford is renowned for its lush, verdant watercress beds, which produce some of the finest watercress in the world. With its peppery bite and vibrant green colour, Alresford watercress adds a touch of balance to the richness of our Squiche.

Alresford watercress festival

A Marriage Made in Culinary Heaven

This marriage of hot smoked trout and Alresford watercress truly is a match made in culinary heaven. The smoky richness of the trout, beautifully complemented by the peppery freshness of the watercress, creates both complex and harmonious flavour combinations.

The pièce de résistence of our Hot Smoked Trout and Watercress Squiche though, is that these fine ingredients are enrobed in our rich, decadent savoury custard and encased in our signature buttery pastry base. This custard is perfecting using Goodwood’s organic double cream and milk, combined with local free-range eggs from the South Downs.

Despite its popularity among discerning foodies, this combination is not widely available, so our Hot Smoked Trout and Watercress Squiche is a rare gastronomic treat. But, fear not, for you can enjoy this outstanding creation in the comfort of your own home, through our convenient online ordering and delivery service.

How to Enjoy Our Squiche

Whether you're hosting a sophisticated dinner party, craving a taste of luxury, seeing friends at lunchtime or planning a picnic, you can pair it with a crisp green salad, some sides and a glass of chilled white wine for a light and elegant meal that is sure to impress even the most discerning palate.

So why wait? Treat yourself to a culinary experience like no other and indulge in the exceptional taste of our Hot Smoked Trout and Watercress Squiche today.

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