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Gluten-Free Scrumpy Cheese and Onion Pie

4.74 / 19 reviews

Cheese, onion and scrumpy are the perfect pairing in this gluten-free vegetarian pie. Mature cheddar cheese, red Leicester and small tender pieces of potato nestle within a beautiful sauce of local Hampshire cider, organic milk and vegetable stock with fresh chives; delicious.


Gluten-Free Scrumpy Cheese and Onion Pie

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Apricot Pie (Serves 2)


Gluten-Free Scrumpy Cheese and Onion Pie Customer Reviews

4.74 / 19 reviews

Pam G.

Loved this filling - it reminded me of my mum’s home cooking. Delicious pie. Let’s have more non-meat and gluten free fillings from Mud

Janice K.

I would highly recommend these pies, the pastry is amazing so light and crispy thank you. The filling was lush, tasty and plentiful and well worth it. Enjoyed thoroughly from start to finish

Jill M.

Thoroughly enjoyed my glutenfree scrumpy Cheese and Onion Pie Generous, tasty filling, and lovely pastry Glutenfree pastry is very often a complete disappointment, but this was excellent, will certainly be ordering again

Susan C.

My daughter is gluten free amp vegetarian so ordered these pies with her in mind and she said it was delicious, was really pleased how good it was, so good job I’ve got some more in the freezer

Susan M.

Being Gluten Intolerant, getting proper pies with a delicious filling is difficult, so eating these are a pleasure. My favourite.

Angela D.

We had gluten free pies as well as normal’ pastry and they were great. Will certainly order again

Pauline B.

Very tasty

Sarah S.

Delicious -and you would never know the pastry was gluten-free

Sue W.

This was packed full of flavour. So tasty. It took more like 50-60 minutes from frozen but that might have been because I wrapped it in foil to cook. Nevertheless it was worth the wait.

Mrs B.

All pies are delicious

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