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Discover the Taste of Summer with Mud Foods' Chicken and Spanish Chorizo Pie

When thinking of summer, we at Mud Foods are often drawn to the colours and flavours of the Mediterranean. Maybe that’s why we’ve tried to recreate some of this vibe in our popular Chicken and Spanish Chorizo Pie? It combines some bold, typically Spanish flavours, with our signature pastry to create a pie that will leave you wanting more.

Mediterranean flavours a-plenty

Our Chicken and Spanish Chorizo Pie starts, unsurprisingly, with good quality Spanish Chorizo sausage. Spanish Chorizo, which is slightly different to Portuguese Chouriço gets its name from salchicha, the Spanish word for sausage. Both are probably derived from the latin salsīcia, for salty.

Made from chopped pork meat and pork fat, Chorizo can be fermented or cured, to be enjoyed as it is, or it can come raw, which obviously requires cooking. The pork is seasoned with garlic, smoked paprika and salt. Among the many regional varieties of Spanish Chorizo, some are smoked and others unsmoked; they may include herbs and other ingredients, or some may be simpler. Pimentón, or smoked paprika is what gives the lovely rounded, slightly smoky flavour to Chorizo, without the need for smoking the sausage.

There are versions of Chorizo in many countries around the world, like in South America and the Philippines where there has been a Portuguese influence. Spanish and Mexican Chorizos can’t always be substituted for each other though; Mexican Chorizo usually needs to be cooked. We’ve chosen Spanish Chorizo for our pie; we like the way its flavours complement our chicken - and it has fewer food miles.

In preparing our pies, firstly we sear the Chorizo lightly to release its rich, smoky flavour before adding generous chunks of hand-cut chicken. Then, our experts add smoked paprika, chillies and red peppers, before combining this perfectly seasoned filling with Mud Foods’ rich and tasty tomato sauce. Finally, it’s all encased in our buttery shortcrust pastry, making each bite a mouthwatering mix of rich flavours and crisp and juicy textures.

Fancy something extra to complete your meal? Pairing your Chicken and Spanish Chorizo Pie with one of our tasty side dishes, like buttery mashed potatoes or beer-battered chips gives you the night off cooking completely!

Quick, safe delivery

We aim to deliver our Chicken and Spanish Chorizo Pies within four days of ordering; each pie is packed in chilled packaging, so it will arrive fresh and ready to enjoy straight away. But, with a six-day chilled shelf life and the option to freeze them for up to six months, you can also save them for later.

Order your Chicken and Spanish Chorizo Pies today!

At Mud Foods, we want our delicious food to bring enjoyment with every bite. We’re proud that this Chicken and Spanish Chorizo Pie demonstrates this, so why wait?

Order your Chicken and Spanish Chorizo Pies now, to bring the Mediterranean to you!

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