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5 Ways to Use up Leftover Pie Pastry

Have you made a delicious pie but have overestimated how much pastry you needed? It’s never a good idea to waste pie pastry as there are so many good ways to use up the extra you didn’t use in your original creation. Want to know what to do with your leftover pie pastry? Find some easy ideas below!

What to do with Leftover Pie Pastry: 5 Easy Ways

We've put together a list of some fun and easy recipes to make the most of the pastry you now have leftover. Transform your puff or shortcrust pastry dough and create a delicious new savoury or sweet treat for the family to dig into.

1. Pie Decorations

Why not use your imagination and create a beautiful pie motif with your leftover pie pastry? At Mud Foods we hand make our pies and always finish our creations with a crafted pie motif which we call our piedentification. You can try giving this a go at home, and give your pie a design that will give your pie that wow factor. A few of our favourite designs are a simple crossed over lattice design, a leafy print and the signature love heart (perfect for your loved ones).

2. Apple Turnovers

A scrumptious morning snack or delicious dessert best served with ice cream- the apple turnover. Traditionally made with puff pastry, an apple turnover is a simple creation to make when you have leftover pie pastry. Fill your pastry rectangles with a cinnamon-rich apple filling and secure with a milk and sugar coating. Bake your parcels for 20-25 mins in the oven and serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

3. Puff Pastry Scrolls

Instead of creating parcels, why not roll your puff pastry into a savoury delight. At Mud Foods, our favourite ‘filling’ for a delicious scroll are pizza toppings- they’re always a winner when you have hungry kids at home.

4. Mini Quiches

Turn that leftover pie pastry into mini quiches perfect for lunchtime snacks and lunch boxes. Simply fill a muffin tin with your pastry for the bite-size quiche and fill it with any ingredients you have in your fridge. Our favourite quiche fillings are quiche Lorraine and Mediterranean vegetables- great for when you have loads of veg to use up!

Have you Tried our Squiches?

Ever heard of a squiche before? They’re just like the nation's favourite quiche only in square form! Enjoy down to earth good food with our range of squiches, choose from classic Squiche Lorraine, tangy Red Onion Marmalade & Brie and delicious Roasted Vegetable & Feta flavours.

5. Mini Jam Tarts

Of course, we had to include mini jam tarts in the mix, these make for the tastiest sweet treat. Shortcrust pastry is best for jam tarts. All you need to do is fill with your favourite jam, marmalade or curd and pop in the oven until golden brown. Enjoy your jam tart with a cup of tea in the sunshine, or curled up on the sofa by the fire!

Handmade treats with leftover pie pastry

We hope our list of ideas for what to do with leftover pie pastry has helped give you a solution that you can enjoy just as much as your homemade pie! These ideas are great for if you love making your own creations and hate wasting food- never let perfect pie pastry go to waste again.

Feel like being lazy?

Don’t feel like making a pie from scratch? Order a delicious pie from Mud Foods and still enjoy that homemade goodness you fancy. Choose from our range of scrumptious pies, an option for everyone whether you’re a meat-lover or not.

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