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Mud Foods: Proud To Be artisan Made - Part 1

 Proud to be artisan made. 

One of our customers read a message about Mud being Britain’s top awarded artisan pie range  (British Pie Awards 2018-2020) and asked us "What do you mean by ‘artisan’?"

 The dictionary description of artisan only tells a part of this passionate story. 

We are proud to craft our pies for you.

Over the next few weeks we will explain why every one of our pies looks different and how we make and bake every pie to meet your orders.

Part 1. Mud’s legendary buttery pastry

Mud’s special recipe short crust pastry. Our customers regularly mention it in letters and emails for its ‘melt in the mouth’ qualities.

Christian, our Founder, uses a traditional recipe passed down to him by his Grandmother. She taught him to make his first pie as a 7-year old.

It ignited in him a life-long passion for cooking. 

Now Christian is acknowledged as one of Britain’s best pie makers having honed his pastry craft with over 37,000 hours of baking experience.

Christian’s hours have paid off. In the last 7 years Mud has won 71 Great Taste and regional awards as well as British Pie awards.

Unlike mass produced continuous pie production lines each pastry case is made by placing a ball of pastry by hand into a tin and the tin placed into a press.

Our traditional pastry recipe uses butter, not margarine, upholding centuries-old traditional pie making methods.

Our pastry is left to relax overnight in the cool, just as Grandmother and bakers over the centuries have done.

 This lets nature, gluten and time combine - an essential part of creating unique texture and taste. 

We also use the traditional method of baking in tins. A craft which goes back centuries in baking. We do not cook our pies in a foil tray. We think it creates ‘soggy bottoms’! 

When fully baked our pies stand up on their own and… dare we say it… firmer bottoms are better!

Look out for Part 2, Mud's Sumptuous Fillings, coming soon to your email in box.

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