Mud Foods Launches New Vegan Pie

Mud Foods Launches New Vegan Pie

Introducing our all new Vegan Pie! 

Inside this delicious pie you will be treated to a tomato sauce with a hint of chili, packed with a rainbow of vegetables, including aubergine, courgette, peppers, red onion, squash, sweet potato, spinach together with vegan feta cheese.

The pastry is made with vegan margarine and soya milk and you can spot the Vegan Pie by looking out for the aubergine motif on top of that super-tasty special vegan pastry. Make sure you try one!

As one of our regular customers, Reg, said recently:

"Just out of curiosity I have just eaten one of your Vegan pie’s - verdict 'very tasty'."

As well as satisfying thousands of customers with our traditional meat, vegetarian and now Vegan pies, Mud has consistently won more awards per number of entries made of any UK pie maker in the British Pie Awards. 

Midhurst based Christian Barrington, MUD's Chief Pie Maker and co-founder, says ''We are very proud. It goes to show that a small team, a quality craft ethos and local ingredients can provide world-class taste''.

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