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The Inside Story - What Makes Our Pies Special

Down at Mud HQ in Midhurst (now affectionately known as Mudhurst to our fans) we have a very simple secret to our success: 

We Only Use the Best Ingredients

The inside of our pies are amazing and contain gloriously tasty grass-fed, free range beef steak, lamb and pork, local veg and welfare free-range chicken. 

We use proper chunks of meat and premium ingredients (not the 'slurry' you find in many pies) and we fill them to the top.

But it's not just an 'Inside Story' as the pastry on the outside is just as big a part of our taste success. 

Our founder Christian has based our products on his Grandmother’s pie recipes and her butter pastry (still a closely kept secret), but what we can tell you is that we use golden Real Butter pastry, not cheap margarine or the nasty hydrogenated fats used by so many manufacturers. 

Nothing artificial is added. 

Quite simply you can taste the difference.

We are proud to be multi award winners, but we will continue to make gloriously tasty pies, pasties, and sausage rolls in batches by hand, with local provenance, using our time-tested Artisanal techniques.

And don't forget - we cater for vegetarians as well as for meat eaters and in fact our vegetarian pies win almost as many awards as our meat pies. 

So whatever your favourite filling, you can be sure to enjoy our delicious pies safe in the knowledge that the pastry and ingredients will always be top class. Shop our delicious pies today!

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