Where To Buy Mud's Pies & Squiches

If you are a fan of Mud you'll be keen to stock up and buy some of our delicious food.

We have 3 main options for you:

1. The Online Pie Shop

If you can't make it to the stockists or markets then all is not lost as we can also deliver across the UK from our online Pie Shop! Choose from our main range of pies and squiches and have a box of 12 delivered to your door. And don't forget - our pies are just as delicious frozen as they are chilled!

Click here to visit the Pie Shop.

2. Find your nearest stockist

Many local Retailers, Pubs, Restaurants, Farm Shops and Delis stock Mud and you can find your nearest at the page by clicking here for our Stockist Finder tool.

3. Farmers Markets and Shows

You can find us at Farmer's Markets and Shows each weekend across the South of England and beyond. The list of events and regular appearances is regularly updated at the Farmers Markets page.